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The vendor application for Wicked Faire 2016 is open now!

We will be closing Applications on October 15, 2015.

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We will notify all applying vendors of their status by November 1, 2015 if we have accepted the application, wait-listed the application, or declined the application.

Wait-listed vendors will be contacted in case of a vendor cancellation no later than February 1, 2016.

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balticsmithBaltic, Finnic, Nordic, Slavic? Reproductions from the Iron Age in Northern Europe (Roman, Migration, Vendel and Viking periods) and beyond as well as original work in silver and bronze. Or smith yourself a pendant! Also, beads, chains, leather, hemp. Custom design and smithing welcome. USA family handmade.

Delicious Boutique

deliciouswfDelicious offers a unique blend of original and high quality work by independent designers. Neo-tribal, steampunk, high end alternative fashion for the urban adventurer! Post-apocalyptic and burner couture for women and men.

Dragons by Kris

dragonsbykrisDragons by Kris began as a hobby for a fantasy enthusiast, but quickly became a business. Featuring predominantly plushies but also sculptures and drawings, the main focus is, of course, on dragons. Each item is handmade with its own unique personality. Come find the perfect dragon!

Dryad Tea

dryad teDryad Tea was born in February 2012 from the mind of tea aficionado and music lover, Rubiee Tallyn Hayes. At first, Rubiee’s goal was to bring amazing, musically inspired teas to everyone. But as the popularity of her teas grew, this goal expanded to include works of art, and literature as well. The first line of teas was inspired by Pandora Celtica’s music, characters, and world. The second line went on to embody the characters of ‘The Keys of Kalijor’ series of novels by Paul Lell. In the future, Dryad Tea is looking to create tea lines inspired by other artists and their amazing works. Dryad Tea’s goal is to have fun with tea, creating flavors and blends that may be unexpected, but never disappointing. Or ingredients are 98% organic, and though we strive to make it 100%, it is nearly impossible to get some ingredients organically. We strive to create the highest quality loose leaf tea blends while still adhering to our more “geeky” roots. Dryad Tea is a one-woman operation, with the occasional press-ganged help when the need arises. Rubiee is very fond of using the “royal we” in talking about her work. She finds it makes her feel a lot less awkward to talk about things that way. Visit us to find geeky tea blends, thrown pottery with attitude, and all of the perfect tea accessories for Wicked Tea! (Make sure to ask about our dice infusers!)


fotoplex_oldFotoPlex are your premiere green-screen portrait specialists! We come well prepared with backdrops from the 1800s to 1900s as well as Steampunk fantasy backdrops. You work hard on your Steampunk couture and accessories. You deserve to showcase them properly. Let FotoPlex take your picture in another time… a BETTER time and immortalize the moment for you. Obtain art-quality printing in mere minutes and enjoy your portraits for years to come! Use our props or your own!

Pendragon Costumes

pendragon2016Pendragon Costumes celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. Nicole is still the sole designer and personally crafts 95% of all our garments, as she has for the past quarter century.
We offer fine fashions for men & women specializing in leather corsets, bodices, men’s jackets and long coats. We also offer a selection of unique corset dresses and gowns.

PMD Designs

pmdA magical melody of mixed media. Hand carved wood sculptures, one of a kind dream catchers, intuitively crafted crystal jewelry and crystals; and one of a kind faerie wear costumes and floral head pieces.

Retrofuture Sundries

retrofuture-270x300Retrofuture Sundries combines a fine-tuned industrial sensibility with a heart of organic and vintage elements to produce delicate jewelry with a subtle edge. Each piece is handcrafted using carefully selected antique or vintage components and hand-cast metal work.

Sachs and Byrne

sachsSpecializing in unique accessories. Including treasure necklaces, potion rings, braided belts and treasure watches. We also have one of a kind feather fans. Come see our Feather Roses…”they last forever, like your love”

Solstice Brews

solsticebrews2016Solstice Brews: Solstice Brews aspires to introduce you to innovative blends that you can’t pull off a grocery store shelf. From Scurvy Shanty tea, designed for all those wayfaring voyages at sea to Absinthe Aethers, the perfect cup for a Steampunk gathering, Solstice Brews has got an adventure in store for you

Tea & Absinthe

teaabsintheDecadance and Delight for the Elegantly Geeky, Tea and Tawdry and the most amazing Absinthe Truffles in the world!

You never know what you’ll find in our shop; everything from vintage clothing to modern Molecular Gastronomy kits, to geeky Dr. Who teas. Stop by and experience Tea & Absinthe.

The Fairy Apothecary

fairyapothecaryThe Fairy Apothecary creates natural bath and body products with a scent designed by you! We’ll help you find your perfect blend from over 200 scents, and make something uniquely you!

The Leather Lair

leatherlairWe have more than 20 years experience in designing and crafting high quality unique garments. We take great pride in hand crafting each garment, from choosing the right cut of leather to our unique stitch pattern. No two designs are exactly alike, each one has it’s own personality. The designs all choose who they belong to, as soon as you try it on you will know it was made only for you.

The Shoe Guy

shoeguyThe ShoeGuy has the most awesome collection of costume footwear you will ever find. Theu have great prices stock sizes 5 to 14, will offer exceptional prices and as always the very best service you will ever have. We love all Jeff Mach events.


verillas2At Verillas we believe everyone is the hero of their own story. Our clothing and accessory designs, our lifestyle, is built around making your richly developed inner character a stunning external reality.

Wanderlust Tea Company

Wanderlust-Tea-LogoOffering artisanal loose leaf from around the world, Wanderlust strives to bring the diversity of tea to curious palates (and curious minds) everywhere.
We feature a wide array of delectable, carefully sourced regional teas, and scrumptious blends that highlight rather than overpower.
Free the Leaf! Viva la camelia sinensis!