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GA and VIP Ticket prices go up by $5 on November 23nd, December 20th, and January 27.

Ticket Types

Price Type Description
$50.00 General Admission Weekend admission to all standard events, concerts, panels, and shows!
$75.00 VIP Knight Errant All of the above, plus a special badge, admission to the VIP-Only Wicked Revel, and a Knighting Ceremony by Jeff Mach Himself.
$110.00 VIP: Royal Pass All of the above, plus a VIP show with Lilith Lore, VIP Feedback Session with Jeff Mach Himself, and a Limited VIP-Only T-Shirt.

Add-Ons and Extras

Price Type Description
$10.00 Advance Mail Advance-Mail purchasers have their tickets redeemed and badges mailed 14 days in advance of the festival!
$25.00 Mead Tasting Priority seating at Wicked Faire Mead Tasting.

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