If you’re new to Wicked Faire, you may be asking the question: What the hell is this?

It starts, as so many things do, with a Renaissance Faire. (Not exactly in the time of the Renaissance, but who’s counting?) It begins as a Faire does: by transporting us to another time and place, where the rules are different and the world is changed.

But this is no ordinary Renaissance Faire — if there is such a thing to begin with. Unlike most faires, which try to attract as many people as possible, we’re only here for the mad people — the kind of people whose creativity and character help make worlds like this live.

This Faire is unbounded. It incorporates and welcomes those from all manner of points in space and time — Klingons and cavemen, werewolves and Steampunks, magicians and time travelers . . . and, of course, Faire folk of all sorts.

There’s more. Our event is also 16+, and there are areas of our event which are adult in nature — though that’s only one aspect of the event. This also means the faire need not avoid adult subjects in art, games or entertainment – though it need not be those things exclusively.

We are a grand experiment, built by dreamers who love faires, magic, and imagination, and made for dreamers who love all of those things.

The gates are open. Come in!

Wicked Faire FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When is the Wicked Faire?
“Jeff Mach’s Wicked Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire X: A Game of Scones” will be held the weekend of February 19-21, 2016.

Where is Wicked Faire? Is it outdoors?
Wicked Faire is entirely indoors – it’s the world’s largest indoor Renaissance Faire!

It will be held at:
The Hyatt Regency Princeton
102 Carnegie Center Princeton, NJ 08540-6293
Click here for maps and reservation information.

Who can go to Wicked Faire?
Wicked Faire is open to anyone ages 16+.  Some portions of the event may be limited to patrons ages 18+.

What can I do at Wicked Faire?
Music, shopping, panels, mischief!  So much going on at Wicked Faire!  Peruse the website, especially the sections on Entertainment and Merchants which will grow as Wicked Faire gets closer!

Is there a schedule?
The schedule will be online approximately 1 week before the event. 
But don’t worry – there will also be paper schedules on site in case the internet service is also of Renaissance era quality!

What if I have questions onsite? The Information desk is located next to the Registration Desk.  Please feel free to bring any questions there. Karen, a JME Staff Member, will also be available by text or phone at  973-936-8563 (text preferable to calls) if you have questions. This number will not be active until 4pm Feb 19! (And she’s not up all night so 3am texts will not be answered until the next morning!)

What if I lost something?
Please inquire at the Information desk next to Registration.

Are tickets required?
Yes!  You can purchase tickets online here. We have a variety of ticket levels, which are are described on the ticketing page. Advance sales are for weekend passes only. Single day passes WILL be available but only at the event Box Office as space allows. The Box Office can accept cash and credit cards for payment.

Door Prices will be listed when available. Single Day Passes are only available onsite during Wicked Faire.

Badges will be available on site. If you get advance tickets, please remember to print your tickets! Print your tickets from your confirmation email and bring them to Wicked Faire to redeem and receive your badge. If you’d like to avoid that step, purchase the Advance Mail Add-On.

What’s the difference between a ticket and a badge?
You can purchase a TICKET in advance through our TicketLeap page, and bring it to redeem onsite for your BADGE (aka “credential”), which you’ll keep on you at all times during WF’15. If you purchase at the Box Office onsite, your ticket is redeemed automatically and you’re given your badge directly.

Do I need to print my ticket?|
Unless you purchased the Advance Mail add-on, you should print your weekend ticket for fast redemption at the box office onsite. We can accept a digital version on a phone or tablet screen, though they often don’t scan right and can take a bit longer.

If you don’t bring your ticket with you, you’ll be directed to the line for the Box Office Admin. The Admin will be able to research your weekend admission tickets, though you’ll be required to show a government-issued photo ID.  This process is very time-consuming and will delay your entry, as well a slowing down other patrons who’d like to get in.

You must absolutely have your tickets for the Mead Tasting. The ticket-checker at the door is NOT able to look you up by name or email.

Do I need a ticket for the Mead Tasting?
YES. There will be a staff member at the restaurant door to scan your tickets. The remote scanner does NOT have the ability to research your tickets by name, so PLEASE bring them with you to the restaurant.

If I lose my badge, can I get another?
Unfortunately, we must assume that every badge is out there being used by somebody at the event. A WF badge is like cash – don’t lose it! There are no free replacements. This holds for any Advance-Mailed Badges – if you don’t bring it with you, you’ll have to buy another onsite.

What can I do at the Box Office?
The Box Office can do any of the following:

  • Redeem pre-order tickets for badges
  • Buy admission – weekend or day-pass
  • Upgrade existing badges to Knight Errant, Lord of the realm or Royal Pass
  • Buy tickets to Catered Events

What can’t I do at the Box Office?
The Box Office is unfortunately neither equipped nor trained for the following:

  • Lost & Found
  • Merch Sales
  • Information – we just do tickets, we’re not the info booth, sorry!

What if I bought tickets, but am unable to attend?
Tickets may be transferred by emailing your Ticketleap ticket to another person – they can print it out and bring it to the Box Office to be redeemed for a badge. If your ticket has already been redeemed via the Advance Mail Add-On, you can give your physical badge to another person to bring to the event if you can not attend.

Refunds are given only due to proven medical emergency. All refunds are made via Paypal post event. If you need to request a refund, please email jeff@jeffmachevents.com.

What are the rules?
Please read and familiarize yourself with the WF Code of Conduct, the JME Harrassment Policy, and the Weapons Policy.

For those of you returning to Wicked Faire, please note that a new hotel means changes to the Weapons Policy – in particular, live steel is NOT allowed at the venue. 

I want to perform/present/vend at Wicked Faire. How do I apply?
Vending applications for WF XI in 2016 are not yet open. Additional questions regarding vending may be directed to vendors@jeffmachevents.com

If you are interested in joining our Vendor mailing list, for updates on vending opportunities for SPWF and other Jeff Mach Events, please choose the Vending Mailing Lists in the Mailing List Signup Form

Performer applications for WF XI in 2016 are not yet open.

Are you interested in a sponsorship?  You can sponsor a particular performer, an event, and more. If this sounds up your all your alley, please email Michael Whitehouse at michael.whitehouse@gmail.com with a cc to Jeff Mach at jeff@jeffmachevents.com.

I want to volunteer at Wicked Faire. How do I do that?
We accept volunteers to help with many aspects of running Wicked Faire. Volunteers get a special rate on tickets, and other perks. Details can be found on the Volunteer application, which will be found here when it is open.

What if I have more questions?
Send your questions to webmaster@wickedfair.com, or talk to us on Facebook or Twitter!