Wicked Faire XI Announced

Event Dates: February 19-21, 2016

The Hyatt Regency of Princeton
102 Carnegie Center
Princeton, NJ 08540


A Winter Renaissance Faire for ages 16+

We have a lot of the things people love about Renaissance Faires – the chance to interact with a vast and colorful assortment of fantasy characters, a stunning array of Renaissance-style performers, a thrilling plot, unique and extraordinary vendors,
some lovely Faire food, and the like.  

We also feature things you won’t spot at any ordinary Renaissance Faire..
Performers of all genres!  Surprises!

We provide a home for those who are weird, unusual, different, interesting and wonderful!

Q: Is this a Renaissance Faire? A Steampunk show?  A Geek heaven?  A place for Faeries, Rogues, Pirates, Ninja, and Whovians?  Pagan? Kink-friendly? Queer-friendly? Gaming? Anime? Musical? Scifi? Film? LARP? Rocky Horror? 

A: Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Come on in!

Wicked Faire XI: Coming Soon

Welcome to the home of Wicked Faire XI: Have Fun Storming the Castle.

The Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire is the most unique Renfaire event in all of the seven known universes! It is world’s largest indoor Renaissance Faire!

We are preparing yet more excitement and entertainment for this year. Check the website for more updates, or join our community on Facebook for the latest news. And look at the website for Wicked Faire X to see what we had last year!